Provincial Tournaments Each year Softball Newfoundland and Labrador hosts a provincial tournmament for each minor division that are held by the various softball associations around the province.  Click the link below to see the schedule for this year. © Waterford Valley Sports Association Constable William Moss Memorial Tournament The Constable William Moss Minor Softball Tournament was inaugurated in 1980 through the personal efforts of Constable Gary Browne, Mr. Peter Harvey, then president of Softball Newfoundland, and Mrs. Gen Adams of the Cabot Street Recreation Association.  Constable William (Bill) Moss of Port Blandford was a member of the constabulary who tragically lost his young life in a violent labour dispute at Badger in 1959 – commonly referred to as “The Badger Riot.” Constable Moss died on March 12, 1959, at Grand Falls, two days after receiving a severe blow to the head from a piece of pulpwood during an altercation. Seventy-eight members of the constabulary were sent to assist the RCMP  during the “Badger Riot.” The Const. Moss Memorial Tournament began in 1980 with just four St. John’s inter-city teams. In just a few short years, the event had become, as it is to this day, the premier boys’ and girls’ tournament in our province, with as many as 30 teams participating. The tournament quickly far surpassed all police and community expectations relating to the breaking down of barriers between law enforcement members and our youth. The tournament is usually scheduled for the second week of July in St. John’s at the city ballparks depending on which division you play. Provincial Tournament Schedules